THE WAY STATION, Brooklyn NY 8.11.18

Loved the Way Station. It's good to find a place that's really close to where we live in Brooklyn, it's in  Prospect Heights, a couple neighborhoods over from Gowanus. Although for our Gowanus friends it might as well be in the Bronx since you have to take two subways to get there. So not a lot of Gowanus friends but the place was pretty packed out anyway with an unusually receptive New York audience. It can sometimes be jarring coming off a tour and play the last date in NYC, the audiences here seem understandably less interested - understandable because as a New Yorker myself I know you're constantly being bombarded with shit here; people trying to get you to come to their shows, watch their sketch comedy, buy their sculptures, watch them ride their bespoke unicycles, eat their artisan pickles. And a great deal of the time the product is not very good even though there's an overabundance of talented people here. But this crowd had no aloofness; they were engaged and delightful. The venue itself was a treat, great bar,  great live room, and a really pleasant and energetic clientele. Love.