FREDDY'S, Brooklyn NY 6.16.18

There's this thing that sometimes happens, or rather seemingly almost always happens with Dream Eaters. We routinely do a run-through at our rehearsal space before our sets (or if we're on the road in our hotel room). Ostensibly we should already be prepared for whatever show we're playing, and the run-through is just a precautionary measure to get us firing on all cylinders. It helps with details - we're both bad at memorizing lyrics for example, and this helps refresh our memory.

But what happens a great deal of the time is that we do a run-through and leave it feeling less prepared than we did going into it. We may realize we haven't hammered out every detail. That was definitely true of the run-through we did before this show at Freddy's. It's one of our favorite places, but it can be quite challenging to set up; there is no sound man, so we have to set up everything ourselves; almost every time we've played there the other bands run late, sometimes almost comically so (as was the case this night, I can't remember how late it ran but it was at least an hour). This kind of thing greatly augments the stress of a bad run-through and feelings of unpreparedness. It's not exactly the kind of head space one wants to be in before playing a show. I personally get anxious enough even in the best of circumstances.

As it turns out though, the moment we kicked into the first song, everything felt right. We had a good crowd with a lot of new faces and they were with us throughout. In the end it all worked out, which probably happens more often than not despite the run-through.

And if you're going to be stuck at a bar for an hour longer than you expected to, it's unlikely you could find a better bar for that than Freddy's.