WEMF Radio, Boston MA 5.25.18

Had a good old time at this internet radio station in Boston, or more specifically Brighton MA. WEMF is located in the Sound Museum, a rehearsal complex that's been there for ages. I've had many different bands rehearse there over there years. It was a trip to go back there. There was some kind of problem with getting reverb on our voices (the catastrophes continue) and I couldn't use an amp, some kind of grounding issue, and I had to plug straight into the board so the guitar sounded really teeny and the performance was a little weird but we had a wicked good time anyway. I think Elizabeth got about 3 words in so I would like to publicly apologize for being such an insufferable gasbag and I won't let it happen again. Thanks to Heather and Mikey, the hosts, for having us up. - Jake