This show ended up being cancelled but I had to put it in here to tell you about it anyway. We arrived at the venue, which was, as you can probably tell from the name, a wine bar. It was pretty bougie-looking, not something a narrow minded fellow from the Northeast would expect to find in a red state but that just goes to show you how, as Patton Oswalt said, there can be no red states and blue states when plenty of people from both want to go to Cirque De Soleil. We're being lied to by the media, or more accurately, the people it behooves to divide us via the media so they can sell us things, like drugs and war, and manly deodorant.

When we arrived, we told a waiter we were playing and she said "y'all can set up over there", pointing to a corner area with couches. I quickly noted there was no PA system.

"Do you know where the PA system is?"

"Uh, no, let me get the manager."

The manager comes out and tells us they don't have a PA system.

Surprised, I said "Oh.... well we can't really play then." There was no way it could work without a PA system; this wasn't some tiny venue, this was a very large echoing space filled with people having lively conversations over wine, not a situation where we could just sit in the corner and play acoustically.

Also, this was not exactly the type of venue we really want to play anyway, even though it was a nice place, but they were paying us well and feeding us and, presumably, giving us wine. We also had prepared a very long set of 20+ songs specifically for this gig, because we were supposed to play
for three hours.

The manager said "well now hold on a minute, let's see if we can figure something out." I couldn't imagine what he was going to come up with. The first thing he did was to look behind one of the couches, because I guess he thought there may have been a PA system back there that he never noticed before? Then he went out back for about 5 minutes, and again, here I assume he was hoping to find a PA system lying around that had somehow gone unnoticed until now. He finally came out defeated and told us there was no PA around. The woman that books the place, he said, had been booking a lot of acts from all over. I'm not sure what we were supposed to make of that. He was a nice fellow though.

So there was no PA system and we didn't play. I guess people usually provide their own? It's pretty unusual for an indie band from Brooklyn to travel around with their own PA system, but I suppose the woman that books the place must not have known that when she booked us.

We have had to supply our own PA a couple times but it was very clear in the communication with the venue that was something we needed to provide. But I'm not going to put it all on the booker, I maybe should have foreseen this scenario and asked more questions. So Raleigh was kind of a bust, but we found a bar near our Air BnB and made some new friends and had a fine time. - Jake