THE PLOUGH AND STARS, Cambridge, MA 8.24.17

Here's another show where the audience, who seemed to appear and pack the place to capacity right as we went on, were very loud and it was hard to hear. We managed to stay on point and turn this one around though, and they shut up considerably for the second half of our set, which ended up being great. I am from Boston so there were a lot of old friends there, they all have kids now so it takes a lot for that to happen, which I appreciate. I always love going back to Boston. Now that I've been in NYC for ten years I know a lot of people don't like Boston. You really have to know the stuff that's hidden away to appreciate it, since it seems the entire city proper has turned into a giant shopping mall, with the exception of the Esplanade, which has always been the best part. If you're visiting I recommend heading straight there for a long walk during the day and then going to either Jamaica Plain or Central Square in Cambridge for drinks, there's a lot of good bars in both those places. Avoid Newbury Street and Downtown Crossing, unless you want to go shopping at Foot Locker after a nutritious smoothie at Pinkberry. Also don't bother trying to make friends, very few Bostonians want to do that. We're a bunch of dicks. - Jake