PIANOS, NY, NY 9.8.17

The downstairs venue at Pianos is one of the best places for live music in the city. We, however, were upstairs, which needs some work: there's no door blocking the sound from the loud bar downstairs; the sound is atrocious; we were playing to a decent sized crowd of something like 25 people, and, unfortunately, also 2 dudes at the bar shouting so loudly that we could barely hear ourselves, and we had microphones. Outraged, I stopped mid-song to tell the guys to go somewhere else. Why I would even need to make that request in a room full of people in which no one is talking except for you is beyond me: I don't fucking understand people. They left but they totally killed our vibe. It's my fault for allowing my vibe to be killed. I should add that the staff, and particularly the booking guy, Elliot Bottoms (great name) were a pleasure to deal with. And it really could be a great venue with a few small changes. - Jake