MOCHA MAYAS, Shelburne Falls, MA 8.25.17

Had a wonderful time playing this place for some reason. Almost no one there but it was the third show in a row and all the muscle memory is kicking in and it's so joyous to make music in that environment, when you're not so worried about fucking something up. The purveyor of the place was really great to us; we'd go back despite playing for (most of the time) two (really great) dudes in their (I think) 60's. (The entire town seemed comprised of people that were just about to die, I don't know if that was just a coincidence or if it's always like that). It's not exactly what the young version of me was dreaming of but I've grown to appreciate and value connecting with people no matter how small the crowds are. The young version of me would have been crushed and devastated in Shelburne Falls.

(photo: Ashley Sevcik)