KING KILLER STUDIOS, Brooklyn NY 12.1.17

Always good to be back in Brooklyn playing for our friends. Dave and Ian from King Killer did a great job helping us set this show up and get it all blocked so that we actually look like we might actually be a real band with lights and fog machines and stuff. Really good sized crowd too, it seemed to really connect the dots we've laid out over the past couple years. (Have we laid out dots? I don't know if that makes any sense. You know what I mean.) Eldest Son and Sleep Hostage played, that's a theme for us, and our bff Amanda Van Nostrand told some jokes and brought along a couple of her comic friends to do the same. Fun night. Memorable night. All is calm, all is bright. One more show this year at Pete's Candy Store and then we're on break from playing live until late March which will be weird, but we'll be recording and making videos, so we'll still be busy. (Photo above by Mike Abiuso, this is just one of many good ones) - Jake