JIMMY'S, Newport, RI 8.17.17

Jimmy's was a great place, the staff was great to us. A scant but very appreciative audience. There was a man with a confederate flag tattooed on his arm, who I avoided, but the nutjobs always find me. He seemed like a very nice guy. What do you do in that situation? Punch him in the face? Try and have a meaningful political discussion with him? I don't know the full breadth of his beliefs but a confederate flag tattoo says a lot. It's also not the type of thing you expect to encounter in Newport RI. How does one have, for example, a conversation with a person that equates homosexuality with beastiality? Under normal circumstances, in a conversation with a reasonable person, there
would automatically be a tacit agreement that those two things are not the same. When we're essentially living on two different planets and speaking two totally different languages,
how do we talk? -Jake