Charlie's was again wonderful and everybody we played with was super talented. This was a show that the guys at TBA Productions put together, the second we've been involved with, and they do a bang up job. I've never heard anything quite like Honorary Squirrel, which was just one guy with a guitar - I've never heard anyone play the guitar quite as quietly as he did; actual quote from him after he hit a particularly loud note by mistake: "I don't know about you but that note was a little too loud for me". He liked to stop songs in the middle and give the audience little asides and then continue on, which I found quite charming. Then it was Strawberry Moon, a duo with a singer/guitarist and drummer; the singer would make little loops and sing with a really strong tenor, a bit like Patti Smith or maybe Beach House. They have a great sound. Then it was us and we did our level best, followed by Opin who sounded so amazingly great I had to wonder if I had ever heard such good sound in a club before; whoever is running things at Charlie's really knows what they're doing.