Totally blown away by the people in Norfolk, their kindness, their generosity of spirit. This show was very surprising, mostly because going by the name of the venue, it doesn't sound like the most exciting place, and I can't say I had it earmarked as something that would be a great time. But we ended up having the best show of the tour and definitely one of the best of the year. The audience was full of people there to see a punk/garage rock show, which is what followed us - not exactly an
ideal situation for us and our sad songs. And I don't think most of the audience would have been organically drawn to our music under normal circumstances, but we played with a lot of conviction and people genuinely seemed to appreciate it. We'll definitely be heading back there if they'll have us. Special thanks to TBA productions out of Norfolk; it was really well organized. - Jake

(photo by Ashley Sevcik)