ACOUSTIC COFFEE HOUSE, Johnson City, TN 11.8.17

Now this place was weird, in a wonderful way. Really sweet people. What we saw of Johnson City, which wasn't much, was industrial, somewhat remote. This place was seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but we had just come off the highway straight to it so its hard to say with certainty. In front of the entrance was a fire pit; huddled around it were about 10 people, mostly dudes, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Most of them had dreads, beards. They wore drug drugs with camo pants and workboots. It was a scene that felt post-apocolyptic, except that everyone was incredibly nice and polite, and probably not at all interested in flaying us and eating us. They seemed to really appreciate our music. I didn't think it was our best set, but compared to the previous night it was a masterpiece. After us an artist named Kate Grom was on; she and her band were very complimentary toward us. Turns out they were also from Brooklyn. Of course. We're out in the middle of nowhere and there's another band from Brooklyn on the bill. We couldn't stay, we were staying in Asheville with one of my best friends, and that's an hour's drive over the Smoky Mountains, which are downright stygian at night. At some points we couldn't see a foot in front of our car because of the fog. But we got to Asheville safely and had some beers with my friend Ursula at a place right near hers in West Asheville. We didn't play in Asheville but we definitely want to in 2018. - Jake