PINE BOX ROCK SHOP, Brooklyn NY 8.25.18

First off, I can't stress enough how great of a room they have at Pine Box. The stage is fantastic and it's a great space to be in. This show was a bit of an anti-climax to the rest of the tour though because we took it at the last second and it was verrrrry sparsely attended. But big deal, it's in Brooklyn so it was nothing for us to get there. This was our second time playing there, and both times it's been tough to draw people there, so I guess we'll probably avoid it from now on but we really like it.

THREE SHEETS, New Haven CT 8.24.18

We played this place with our new friend Falconeer, who snapped the photo of us below and was an all around mensch during the whole experience of playing Three Sheets. Falconeer's own set was super entertaining, although we were only able to stick around for a couple songs because it was late and we had to drive 2 hours back to Brooklyn. The place was filled with locals who made us feel very welcome, we had a great time with them. We really dig New Haven. I don't know what I was expecting but it definitely exceeded my expectations. 

EMERALD BALLROOM, Narrowsburg NY 8.23.18

Another amazingly unique space. Sadly we never got a picture. One of the things that really heightens the feeling of walking into such a great spot is the ostensibly empty town of Narrowsburg where it's located. It's a lovely small-ish Northeastern town, and the streets, at least on the night we were there, seemed desolate, but then we went to the restaurant upstairs from the venue, The Heron, which was lively and filled with people. We had a great dinner and some good beer and then headed downstairs for the show at the amazing Emerald Ballroom, which was almost like walking into an art-deco dream. This was a great experience from beginning to end and we'd love to go back if they'll have us.

We drove back to our motel that had a lake view, went to bed and then I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep and spent about and hour and a half being terrified; it's very quiet there. It seemed like the perfect place to be tortured and dismembered. I'm a city person. I need moderate levels of ambient noise or I start worrying.

LIGHT CLUB LAMP SHOP, Burlington VT 8.22.18

This is my third post about LCLS in the great town of Burlington VT, and that is because this was our third time playing there. It's a wonderful spot. I'm not going to go back and read my other posts about it (laziness wins!) but in case I haven't explained it, LCLS is a literally a lamp shop with a stage and a bar. The sound is great; they have a good variety of beer in cans and bottles, and we had a great veggie burger after the set. It's a really unique space with a great stage. Can't wait to go back.

DOGWOOD, Beacon NY 8.21.18

I've had a lot of friends move to the Hudson Valley in the last few years, and I keep hearing about Beacon especially. Walking into Dogwood, a great bar there, one could very easily believe that they were still in Brooklyn, given the clientele. Dogwood had a great stage and another small but very receptive audience. The pic below is a little misleading, it makes it look cramped but it wasn't at all. I just like to put pics on here if I have them. We'll definitely play Dogwood again.

THE WAY STATION, Brooklyn NY 8.11.18

Loved the Way Station. It's good to find a place that's really close to where we live in Brooklyn, it's in  Prospect Heights, a couple neighborhoods over from Gowanus. Although for our Gowanus friends it might as well be in the Bronx since you have to take two subways to get there. So not a lot of Gowanus friends but the place was pretty packed out anyway with an unusually receptive New York audience. It can sometimes be jarring coming off a tour and play the last date in NYC, the audiences here seem understandably less interested - understandable because as a New Yorker myself I know you're constantly being bombarded with shit here; people trying to get you to come to their shows, watch their sketch comedy, buy their sculptures, watch them ride their bespoke unicycles, eat their artisan pickles. And a great deal of the time the product is not very good even though there's an overabundance of talented people here. But this crowd had no aloofness; they were engaged and delightful. The venue itself was a treat, great bar,  great live room, and a really pleasant and energetic clientele. Love.

THE ANCHOR, Kingston NY 8.10.18

We played some really great places in August, starting with the Anchor in Kingston NY. It was going to be a good night as soon as we walked into the place: a separated live room with a great stage; a nice big bar; craft beer. The Beautiful Bastards opened up, doing their solid, bluesy rock thing. I can't quite remember our performance too lucidly - I should write these posts right after every show but I procrastinated and now this was 7 shows ago. But I don't think we screwed anything up too bad. Got a beautiful reception from the scant but appreciative crowd. We'll be back if you'll have us Kingston!

FREDDY'S, Brooklyn NY 6.16.18

There's this thing that sometimes happens, or rather seemingly almost always happens with Dream Eaters. We routinely do a run-through at our rehearsal space before our sets (or if we're on the road in our hotel room). Ostensibly we should already be prepared for whatever show we're playing, and the run-through is just a precautionary measure to get us firing on all cylinders. It helps with details - we're both bad at memorizing lyrics for example, and this helps refresh our memory.

But what happens a great deal of the time is that we do a run-through and leave it feeling less prepared than we did going into it. We may realize we haven't hammered out every detail. That was definitely true of the run-through we did before this show at Freddy's. It's one of our favorite places, but it can be quite challenging to set up; there is no sound man, so we have to set up everything ourselves; almost every time we've played there the other bands run late, sometimes almost comically so (as was the case this night, I can't remember how late it ran but it was at least an hour). This kind of thing greatly augments the stress of a bad run-through and feelings of unpreparedness. It's not exactly the kind of head space one wants to be in before playing a show. I personally get anxious enough even in the best of circumstances.

As it turns out though, the moment we kicked into the first song, everything felt right. We had a good crowd with a lot of new faces and they were with us throughout. In the end it all worked out, which probably happens more often than not despite the run-through.

And if you're going to be stuck at a bar for an hour longer than you expected to, it's unlikely you could find a better bar for that than Freddy's.

SALLY O'BRIEN'S Boston MA 5.26.18

I must have walked by this place a million times when I lived in Boston but I'd never been in there until about 5 minutes before we were supposed to play. I used to live in Union Square (which is actually in Somerville) which is really happening now. There used to be maybe 2 bars there when I lived there. Now it's a whole scene. Sally O'Brien's is really well set up, it looks like a pretty typical Boston Irish bar but they've got a sweet stage and it sounds great in there. The last installment in the most recent series of catastrophes happened when we got on stage and our equipment didn't work, so we had to do an abbreviated set without it which was basically acoustic. Despite this, and to my surprise, people were effusive. - Jake

WEMF Radio, Boston MA 5.25.18

Had a good old time at this internet radio station in Boston, or more specifically Brighton MA. WEMF is located in the Sound Museum, a rehearsal complex that's been there for ages. I've had many different bands rehearse there over there years. It was a trip to go back there. There was some kind of problem with getting reverb on our voices (the catastrophes continue) and I couldn't use an amp, some kind of grounding issue, and I had to plug straight into the board so the guitar sounded really teeny and the performance was a little weird but we had a wicked good time anyway. I think Elizabeth got about 3 words in so I would like to publicly apologize for being such an insufferable gasbag and I won't let it happen again. Thanks to Heather and Mikey, the hosts, for having us up. - Jake

ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL New York City NY 5.24.18

Fun times at Rockwood, the best venue in Manhattan if you ask us. We had some catastrophe happen in one of the songs, I can't even remember what it was but it was my mistake. Something disastrous seems to happen nearly every show and somehow no one ever seems to notice or if they do they're polite enough not to mention it. We find new ways to go careening off track at every show it seems, but it always turns out fine.

PINE BOX ROCK SHOP, Brooklyn NY 4.21.18

We like this place! Great room, really cool vibe in there. Sort of in what seemed like the middle of nowhere in Bushwick - when we pulled up there was like 18 kids on BMX bikes outside the club doing poorly executed tricks. But you gotta start somewhere, we know that better than anybody. Execution-wise, this show was pretty flawless, but, probably because the venue was in such an odd location we had a pretty low turn out, not exactly the stuff that dreams are made of but fun anyway. I watched some videos people took of us and noticed that Elizabeth has added a lot of dance moves to her performance. Soon we'll add choreography, and it will be the oddest thing everyone's ever seen.


Charlie's was again wonderful and everybody we played with was super talented. This was a show that the guys at TBA Productions put together, the second we've been involved with, and they do a bang up job. I've never heard anything quite like Honorary Squirrel, which was just one guy with a guitar - I've never heard anyone play the guitar quite as quietly as he did; actual quote from him after he hit a particularly loud note by mistake: "I don't know about you but that note was a little too loud for me". He liked to stop songs in the middle and give the audience little asides and then continue on, which I found quite charming. Then it was Strawberry Moon, a duo with a singer/guitarist and drummer; the singer would make little loops and sing with a really strong tenor, a bit like Patti Smith or maybe Beach House. They have a great sound. Then it was us and we did our level best, followed by Opin who sounded so amazingly great I had to wonder if I had ever heard such good sound in a club before; whoever is running things at Charlie's really knows what they're doing.

VELVET LOUNGE, Washington DC 3.22.18

Such a great time in DC this time around playing with new friends The 5:55 and These Quiet Colours (two bands that could not be more different). I had a lot of fun talking to the sound guy Desmond who clearly loves to talk about music as much as I do; we bonded over XTC and it took off from there. Had a pretty decent crowd, especially relative to our previous trip to DC last year which was not our best experience. We really like DC though, especially the Adams Morgan neighborhood where we always seem to end up. Can't wait to get back there!

PETE'S CANDY STORE, Brooklyn NY 12.16.17

This was a pleasant surprise. Our previous show at King Killer was originally an earlier date and had to be re-scheduled, and that pushed it closer to this date at Pete's. So we were pretty confident we'd be playing to an empty room because we had just played a relatively big show a couple weeks before. But as it turns out we had a full room that we had a lot of fun with. It was a great way to end 2017. Now we're off until (we think) March working on some new recordings which we hope you'll love. See you next year! - Jake

KING KILLER STUDIOS, Brooklyn NY 12.1.17

Always good to be back in Brooklyn playing for our friends. Dave and Ian from King Killer did a great job helping us set this show up and get it all blocked so that we actually look like we might actually be a real band with lights and fog machines and stuff. Really good sized crowd too, it seemed to really connect the dots we've laid out over the past couple years. (Have we laid out dots? I don't know if that makes any sense. You know what I mean.) Eldest Son and Sleep Hostage played, that's a theme for us, and our bff Amanda Van Nostrand told some jokes and brought along a couple of her comic friends to do the same. Fun night. Memorable night. All is calm, all is bright. One more show this year at Pete's Candy Store and then we're on break from playing live until late March which will be weird, but we'll be recording and making videos, so we'll still be busy. (Photo above by Mike Abiuso, this is just one of many good ones) - Jake


Totally blown away by the people in Norfolk, their kindness, their generosity of spirit. This show was very surprising, mostly because going by the name of the venue, it doesn't sound like the most exciting place, and I can't say I had it earmarked as something that would be a great time. But we ended up having the best show of the tour and definitely one of the best of the year. The audience was full of people there to see a punk/garage rock show, which is what followed us - not exactly an
ideal situation for us and our sad songs. And I don't think most of the audience would have been organically drawn to our music under normal circumstances, but we played with a lot of conviction and people genuinely seemed to appreciate it. We'll definitely be heading back there if they'll have us. Special thanks to TBA productions out of Norfolk; it was really well organized. - Jake

(photo by Ashley Sevcik)


This show ended up being cancelled but I had to put it in here to tell you about it anyway. We arrived at the venue, which was, as you can probably tell from the name, a wine bar. It was pretty bougie-looking, not something a narrow minded fellow from the Northeast would expect to find in a red state but that just goes to show you how, as Patton Oswalt said, there can be no red states and blue states when plenty of people from both want to go to Cirque De Soleil. We're being lied to by the media, or more accurately, the people it behooves to divide us via the media so they can sell us things, like drugs and war, and manly deodorant.

When we arrived, we told a waiter we were playing and she said "y'all can set up over there", pointing to a corner area with couches. I quickly noted there was no PA system.

"Do you know where the PA system is?"

"Uh, no, let me get the manager."

The manager comes out and tells us they don't have a PA system.

Surprised, I said "Oh.... well we can't really play then." There was no way it could work without a PA system; this wasn't some tiny venue, this was a very large echoing space filled with people having lively conversations over wine, not a situation where we could just sit in the corner and play acoustically.

Also, this was not exactly the type of venue we really want to play anyway, even though it was a nice place, but they were paying us well and feeding us and, presumably, giving us wine. We also had prepared a very long set of 20+ songs specifically for this gig, because we were supposed to play
for three hours.

The manager said "well now hold on a minute, let's see if we can figure something out." I couldn't imagine what he was going to come up with. The first thing he did was to look behind one of the couches, because I guess he thought there may have been a PA system back there that he never noticed before? Then he went out back for about 5 minutes, and again, here I assume he was hoping to find a PA system lying around that had somehow gone unnoticed until now. He finally came out defeated and told us there was no PA around. The woman that books the place, he said, had been booking a lot of acts from all over. I'm not sure what we were supposed to make of that. He was a nice fellow though.

So there was no PA system and we didn't play. I guess people usually provide their own? It's pretty unusual for an indie band from Brooklyn to travel around with their own PA system, but I suppose the woman that books the place must not have known that when she booked us.

We have had to supply our own PA a couple times but it was very clear in the communication with the venue that was something we needed to provide. But I'm not going to put it all on the booker, I maybe should have foreseen this scenario and asked more questions. So Raleigh was kind of a bust, but we found a bar near our Air BnB and made some new friends and had a fine time. - Jake